I spent a large amount of time recovering my sectional couch in a more attractive material.

This was pretty complex since the material had to match at the seams and there was a welt. I also added a fringe at the base.

I also worked on a variety of art. One thing I was really working on was watercolor. I wanted to have watercolor paintings to go in bathrooms since they wouldn't warp when it got steamy. This had happened to two pictures I had given my dad. They became very warped. So it was definitely worth it to get better at watercolor. I liked working with watercolor pencils as they were easier to control.  It took me awhile to be able to get loose with watercolor.

I also worked on several children's portraits.

In June 2004 we moved to Lafayette, IN. I spent most of my time packing up, unpacking, acclimating the kids to new schools, decorating, painting kids rooms, etc.