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Junior year: I dropped my nursing                                                       major after midterms... I started dating my future husband--  When my                                                nursing practical rotation                                            kicked in, he asked me out for a date                                                   after breaking up with his previous girlfriend.

After the nursing midterm, I decided to                                               drop the course and the major. It was not really for me. Plus, impossible                                               to date a new person and study constantly. I defaulted to Psychology                                                 as I had several credits from my minor. Before I centered on                                                                  Psychology, however, I took several other courses while trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.... Including art.

I started out with taking a Drawing class. I then took  Design, Ceramics and Drawing II.  I planned on doing an art minor and then maybe getting a Masters in art therapy, which I had done an independent study course on over the summer.

Sadly, it was not to be. My mom, who had Multiple Sclerosis,  would need my help as my parents were getting a divorce. and the closest program for Art Therapy was in Ohio. Also, my boyfriend lived in Fishers, about 30 minutes from where I lived- Plainfield.   So, by senior year,  I dropped the Art Minor and spent the rest of my college career on completing a BS in Psychology.

I decided to take a drawing class in Ball State after I did a portrait of my boyfriend.

Art was never encouraged in my family nor even slightly considered. I had no idea I was a good artist. I had always taken the Academic Path so that I could "get a job in case no one wanted to marry me," as my father put it.

I really liked drawing and thought about pursuing an Art Minor along with my Psychology Major.  

Early attempt at oil painting, circa 1981. Eagle Creek.

From 1981-1983, I went to graduate school at Purdue University in Indianapolis. I earned a Masters and subsequently got a job at Janus, an organization to help disabled, and then at Goodwill Industries, where I was a Work Adjustment Counselor.

Early Caricature of my boyfriend and I at the Winter Formal


I went to college in 1977 to Ball State University. I started out as a nursing major with a theater and psychology minor and as part of the Honors College.  

Spring semester 1978, I spent at London Center, living in the Earls Court area of London.  For a 19 year old who had never flown on a plane, the entire London experience was fantastic. We went to a few "classes," but were encouraged to travel around and see Great Britain and the continent. I took an art history class that included studying at the Tate Gallery. I also saw tons of shows: opera, symphony, ballet, Shakespeare. I wrote my art history paper about the London Underground map. An artistic interpretation. I also wrote a paper on a sculpture at the Tate.  

We went on several day trips to places like Dover, Winchester, Stonehenge, Windsor. I also went on a weekend jaunt to Scotland, hitchhiking to Thirsk, in York, and to Netherlands. The tulips in Keukenhoff were in bloom.

After three months in London, we went on a three week tour of the continent: Brussels, Luxembourg, Munich, Lucerne, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Monaco and Paris.  They wouldn't let me inside the casino at Monaco as I was too young.

Sophomore year in college: I had dropped the theater minor and the Honors program. I focused on my nursing and psychology courses. Spring quarter of Sophomore year, I met my future husband. We went out on a "Mating Game" date.  We had actually met Freshmen year but he doesn't remember me. Sophomore year we were both cast in the "Mating Date" game in the common room of our dorms. I signed up to be a bachelorette who picked from three guys. Little did I know at the time that my "date" only signed on to participate if he could be the one picking. And he knew the organizer of the event. He had someone in the audience signaling to him which bacherlorette I was. So he picked me and we went on the date to a movie and a restaurant. That's as far as it went that year as he was actually dating someone else.

and did not go out again until Junior year. However, he was the instrument of the change in my major.......